1911 Custom Optical Heavy Slide

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LONG HEAVY SLIDE:  For shooters who desire a longer 6″ sight radius. Aristocrat rib, Bo Mar, and Novak® slide cuts also available.

OPTICAL SLIDE:  Standard length 5″ gun with Clark Slide Mounted scope base. Available with or without tuner. Our scope base accommodates most Weaver style rings.

There is a $25.00 fee on conversions to return old barrels.


*All new complete guns must be shipped to a licensed dealer.  An original signature copy of dealer’s FFL must be on file at our shop before we can ship.



Please follow and like us:

— Shortest barrel we’ll work on = 4.25″ (commander size)
— Smallest gun we’ll build = 4.25″ (commander size)
— Accuracy guarantee 5″ & 6″ guns is 2.5″  10 shots at 50 yards
— Accuracy guarantee 4.25″ guns is 3″ 10 shots at 50 yards


  • Accuracy package
  • Crisp trigger set about a 2.5 lb. pull for .38 Super and .9mm while the .45 ACP is set to 3.5 lb. pull
  • Bo-Mar (or Aristocrat) Full Length Rib or Clark Slide Mount
  • Reliability package
  • Machine Checkered Front Strap 20 LPI
  • Function and Ransom Machine rest test (test target supplied)
  • Clark “Love it or money back 30 day” guarantee. Call for details

Contact for estimate

Order Number Description Conversion Price Complete Gun Price
HS-45 .45 ACP Heavy Slide $1,195.00 Call for pricing
HS-38 .38 Super Heavy Slide $1,195.00 Call for pricing
LHS-45 .45 ACP Long Heavy Slide $1,695.00 $Call for pricing
OHS-45 .45 ACP Optical Heavy Slide $995.00 $Call for pricing
HS-9 .9mm Heavy Slide $1,195.00 $Call for pricing

All prices are estimates only, and subject to change. Work orders will be sent with exact pricing once requests are received. Work will not begin until the work order with pricing is approved.

Available while they last. Call for inventory information.
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