Shipping Your Firearm

Shipping Your Firearm
Ship all parcels to:
CCG, Inc.
336 Shootout Lane
Princeton, LA 71067


It is legal for any gun owner to ship his gun by common carrier to a licensed FFL holder for the purpose of repair or alteration.* All complete firearms must be taken to a UPS or FedEx hub (we prefer FedEx). You are required by law to declare that you’re shipping a handgun. UPS and FedEx regulations require that all complete handguns be shipped Next Day Air. Long guns may be shipped ground service. Federal regulations require adult signature upon delivery. details
NOTE: Do not include ammunition with your firearm. If you need to ship ammo, it must be sent separately.

  • The gun should be packed securely so there will be no damage to sights, etc. The original manufacturers’ box provides good protection, but any good box with the item cushioned within to prevent movement will do the job. (Long gun cardboard boxes will not be returned to you.)
  • Insure for replacement value.
  • Return address requirements: Physical Address (NO “shipping centers” or PO Boxes) Your gun will be returned to the address it is checked in from.
  • Inside the box, be sure to include your name, address, daytime phone number, type of gun, serial number, and clear, complete instructions covering the work to be done. Specify caliber, model, accessories, and special features.
  • Please be sure of your desires when sending your initial order.

Upon receipt of your gun, we will mail/email an ORDER CONFIRMATION. It is your responsibility to look this over and contact us if you find any discrepancies. We will allow the first change free if work has not progressed too far. Additional changes will be subject to a charge of $25.00 per instance. We strongly urge that any changes be submitted IN WRITING. Although we will discuss changes over the phone, we will not be held responsible for changes that were not requested in writing.

Return Shipping: The gun will be returned directly to the shipper. Unless otherwise requested by the customer, all handguns will be returned by FedEx 2 DAY with Adult Signature Required; long guns will be sent by FedEx Ground with Adult Signature Required. Shipping and handling charges are minimum $35 for a long gun (rifle or shotgun) and $ 35.00 on handguns. For other orders, shipping and handling charges are determined by the weight and value of the package. (All stated shipping prices are for addresses within the continental United States. Please contact us for shipping charges if you live outside of the continental U.S.)
*Note: If you have a dealer ship your firearm, it will be returned to the dealer. It is not necessary for you to use a dealer to ship your firearm.