Clark Custom Shooting Classes

All classes are taught by Logan Clark, a national champion competition shooter who has been competing for 14 years and holds two shooting world records. He has been teaching for close to 10 years and was an assistant teacher for four years before that. Logan teaches a variety of classes that can be customized to meet your needs. All classes are taught at the Clark Custom Guns Showroom:

336 Shootout Lane
Princeton, LA 71067

Call for Information: 318-949-9884 

Concealed Carry Classes

We offer both the initial and renewal–State of Louisiana approved–Conceal Carry Classes.  No appointment required, but please give us a call and let us know your coming so we can keep track of headcount.  Just come to Clark Custom Guns showroom the 1st Saturday of every month, unless otherwise stated on the CCG website.  The class starts at 8:00 am. Beginners are welcome.

Louisiana Conceal Carry Reciprocity Map

Louisiana Conceal Carry Reciprocity Map

Private and small group classes are available upon request for groups of 5 or more at a cost of $125/person.

Class Includes:

  • NRA certified basic pistol class
  • Notary
  • Fingerprints
  • State Packet (all paperwork to be mailed to the state of LA)
  • Range Time and Targets
  • NRA Required Test
  • Lunch


  • $105.00 Initial Permit or $85.00 Renewal ($3 credit card processing fee)
  • Photo Id.
  • Handgun (Loaner guns are available)
  • 36 rounds of ammunition (Ammunition available for purchase)

Church Safety Course

This course is recommended to carry in a place of worship.  Protect your church with our useful Church Safety Course. Increase your knowledge and understanding of Church Safety. When a dangerous intruder threatens, learn how to protect the lives in your place of worship.


  • Must have a conceal carry permit
  • Minimum 200 rounds of ammunition
  • 8 hr. class (available in 2 x 4 hr. sessions or 3 x 2:40 hr. sessions)


  • 1-10 students – $500.00
  • 11-15 students – $700.00
  • No classes greater than 15

Private Custom Classes

We offer a variety of private customizable shooting lessons for individuals or small groups at $25 per hour, per person. All courses are by individual appointment only. Call today to schedule your lesson!

Example Courses:

  • Firearm Familiarization
  • General Training and Safety
  • Competition Shooting