NRA Bianchi Open-Metallic

Built by NRA High Master AP shooters, these guns are designed for NRA Action Pistol AKA Bianchi Cup competition. Conversions on certain customer supplied guns or New builds both available for both divisions. Call for pricing quotes as the options for this type of competition are endless!

Calibers available

  • 38 Super or Super Comp
  • 9mm
  • 9×23
  • 45ACP

Clark Bianchi Cup Open-Metallic

Built by REAL competition shooters for REAL results!

Standard features:

2lb Trig pull
PD or Caspian "Piatt" Shroud
20LPI machine checkering on front strap (optional for other parts of the gun)
STI or Brown BTGS
STI or Brown extended thumb saftey
Prone pad
Clark or EGW compensator
Other options available upon request

Call for a quote as well as design options consulation