Ruger 10/22

How the 10/22 Bull Barrel Rifle Was Born

The first “Bull Barrel” Ruger 10/22 rifle was born in the early 1980s by Jim Clark Jr. and Clark Custom Guns employee Randy Smith. The idea behind the gun was to keep weight in the forward part of the rifle to provide stability, improve accuracy over the factory, and to further evolve the Ruger 10/22. Jim Clark Jr, as well as other top shooters, went on to win multiple national level championships with the Clark 10/22. Other companies since then have  gone on to further evolve this magnificent platform as well as further evolution from Clark, but that first old bull barrel 10/22 was born inside the Clark Custom shop over 35 years ago in Keithville, Louisiana.

About our Barrels
GUARANTEED TO SHOOT 1 M.O.A.! All Clark barrels are machined from Lothar-Walther premium grade blanks to our specified dimensions and are chambered with our EXCLUSIVE reamer. A recessed match target crown is added to make the Clark match barrel a supremely accurate, dependable shooter. Barrels are available with .920″ round (bull), fluted or midweight configurations and come in blue or stainless steel.

Standard barrel length is 21.5″. We will cut barrels to any length specified by customer down to 16.25″. Threading is available!

We build on genuine Ruger 10/22s® and offer three purchase options:

  • Buy a complete gun from us
  • Send your gun for conversion
  • Purchase a barreled action if you have your own stock, or prefer one of our aftermarket stocks .

FLSS 16.25" Deep Flute option in Ruger Synthetic 50th Anniversary Contest Stock $ 990 + shipping

RDCM-BA-1022 18" Barrel in Hogue Olive Drab Synthetic Stock with Clark Extended Mag Release $ 740 + shipping

RDCM-BA-1022 16.25" Barrel in Boyds Tacticool Stock with optional Clark Extended Mag Release, threaded muzzle and knurled thread protector. $ 1125 + shipping NOTE: Laupold scope & rings not included

RDSS-BA-1022 21.5" Barrel in Eliminator laminate stock (Cobalt) with optional Harris Swivel bipod, pod-loc & EGW 20 MOA scope base $ 1175.00 + shipping

FLSS-BA-1022 20" Barrel in TS Vantage stock with CNC Clark LOGO bolt assembly, Extended Bolt Handle (C silver) $ 1069.95 + shipping

FLSS-BA-1022 21.5" Barrel in Terminator laminate stock (Brandy) $1060 + shipping NOTE: Laupold scope & rings not included

FLSS 16.25" Deep Fluted with threaded Barrel 1/2" x 28 with Knurled Thread Protector in Ruger Composite Modular Synthetic Stock plus EGW 20 MOA Scope Base, Clark CNC Bolt Assembly, Aftermarket Bolt Handle Model C and Kidd 2 Stage Trigger $ 1549.95 + shipping

Custom Ruger 10/22® Heavy Barrel Conversion

Standard Features

  • Trigger job with overtravel stop
  • Installation of Clark match barrel
  • Inlet stock channel to accomodate aftermarket barrel when required
  • Weaver style scope base
  • Speed Bolt release modification
  • Tuned Extractor
  • Function and accuracy test
  • Stock Options

Trigger Job Features

  • Hone hammer & sear engagement surfaces
  • Overtravel screw installed in trigger
  • Wolff Trigger Return spring
  • Crisp 2.5 to 2.75 pound pull
  • Trigger functions reliably with standard or high velocity 22 Long Rifle ammo
  • DO NOT USE HYPER-VELOCITY AMMO! Doing so will round the engagement surfaces, ruin your trigger job and void our warranty.

Barrel Details

  • Machined from Walther premium grade blank
  • Clark match chamber and recessed match crown
  • Heavy barrels .920" OD, Midweight .720" OD
  • Standard length 21.5" (will cut down to 16.25" at no additional charge)
  • Available in blue or stainless
  • Choice of .920" Round or Fluted, or NEW Midweight (.720" outside diameter)

Stock Engraving

Available on Complete CLARK Builds Only
Wood or Laminate

Clark Stock$100.00
Customer Stock$125.00

Stock Options

10/22 Long Rifle

  • Factory Ruger OEM American Walnut Sporter Stock*
  • Bell & Carlson synthetic stocks
  • Hogue soft rubber, overmold*
  • Exclusive Laminated Elminator Stock
  • Clark Custom Laminate Sporter Stock
  • Clark Custom Laminate Heritage Stock
  • Clark Custom Laminate Thumbhole Silhouette
  • Clark Custom Laminate Thumbhole Sporter
  • Boyds Laminated Tacticool Black Textured Stock*
  • Boyds Laminated Tacticool Color Stock*
  • Boyds Laminated Evolution Stock*
  • Laminated Terminator Stock*
  • Laminated Classic Rimfire Stock *

* Ambidextrous
Customer may supply other after-market stocks However, we reserve the right to reject any stock as being unsuitable for our conversion.

Custom Ruger 10/22 Conversion

Part #TypePrice
CON-RDCM-1022.920" Round Blue$ 460
CON-FLCM-1022.920" Fluted Blue$ 510
CON-RDSS-1022.920" Round Stainless$ 485
CON-FLSS-1022.920" Fluted Stainless$ 535
CON-MWCM-1022.720" Midweight Blue$ 495
CON-MWSS-1022.720" Midweight Stainless$ 520

Specify Black or Brown. Additional $ 50 with Midweight barrel

Install 1 pair of Uncle Mike's sling studs in Wood or Laminate Stock - $ 25

Install 1 pair of Uncle Mike's sling studs in Ruger Factory Synthetic Stock - $ 45

Hogue Overmold Stock (Pillar Bedding NOT AVAILABLE) - specify Black or Olive - $ 25

Hogue Overmold Stock (Pillar Bedding NOT AVAILABLE) - specify Pink OR Zombie Green - $ 35

Hogue Overmold Stock (Pillar Bedding NOT AVAILABLE) - specify Ghillie Tan OR Ghillie Green - $ 45

Hogue Overmold Stock (Pillar Bedding NOT AVAILABLE) - Camo When Available - $ 65

Factory Walnut Sporter Stock - $ 145

Factory Black Synthetic Stock with Barrel Band - $ 35

The following Bell & Carlson stocks cannot be used with midweight.

Bell & Carlson BLACK Sporter or Heritage - $ 135

Bell & Carlson Sporter or Heritage (other finish) - $ 175

Bell & Carlson BLACK Sporter Thumbhole, Anschutz or Anschutz Thumbhole - $175

Bell & Carlson Sporter Thumbhole, Anschutz or Anschutz Thumbhole (other finish) - $ 230

Bell & Carlson 2 Way Odyssey BLACK - $ 325

Bell & Carlson 3 Way Odyssey BLACK - $ 375


Classic - $ 225

COLOR: Walnut
Laminates: Black, Brown, Crimson,
Finish: Satin
Additional $ 50 with Midweight barrel

More Custom Ruger 10/22 Options

Custom Barrel Length (We'll cut down to 16.25" - Standard 21.5" ) - $ 0

Fluted Barrels Only: Short Flute - $0, Deep Flute - $50

CNC Custom Bolt Assembly - $ 75

Extended Bolt Handle (3 Models) Specify Model # A, B or C and Black or Silver - $ 24.95

Thread Barrel - $ 125

1/2" x 28
(+ $ 25 for knurled thread protector or + $ 75 for blended)

Clark Extended Magazine Release ( Not recommended for hunting ) - $ 15

Tactical Solutions Extended Magazine Release - $ 45

Specify Black, Green, Red, Blue Silver

KID Interchangeable Mag Release System - $ 45

Specify Black or Silver

Pillar Bedding - $ 150

Drill back of receiver for cleaning - $ 20

Power Custom Scope Base - $ 95

Specify Black or Silver

Kid 2 Stage Trigger (Default: Red Curved Trigger & Medium Extended Mag Release) IN STOCK - $ 275

1st/2nd Stage: 3oz. / 6oz. or 8oz. / 1lb.
Assembly Color: Black or Silver
Red Curved Trigger & Medium Extended Mag Release

Kid 2 Stage Trigger (Default: Red Curved Trigger & Medium Extended Mag Release) CUSTOM SPECIAL ORDER - $ 325+ (options)

1st / 2nd stage: 3oz./6oz., 7oz./14oz., 8oz./1 lb., 12oz./1.5lb., 1lb./2lb., 1.25lb./2.5lb., 1.5lb/6oz.
Trigger: Red, Curved (+0), Red, Straight (+ $ 16.95), Black, Curved (+ $ 16.95), Black, Straight (+ $ 16.95)
Assembly Color: Black or Silver
Mag Release Level: Sportsman (Flat), Extended (Medium), or Speed (Long - + $ 20.00)

Harris Bipod 6-9" Bench Rest Fixed - $ 75

Harris Bipod 6-9" Bench Rest Swivel - $ 105 (add $30 more for KMW Pod-Loc)



21.50" Round .920" BULL barrel3.75 lbs
21.50" Fluted .920" BULL barrel3.20 lbs
21.50" Midweight .720" barrel2.37 lbs
16.25" Midweight .720" barrel1.81 lbs
16.25" Round .920" BULL barrel2.75 lbs
17.00" Fluted .920" BULL barrel2.10 lbs
18.50" Midweight .720" barrel2.06 lbs
18.25" Factory Taper barrel1.75 lbs


10/22 Long Rifle ACTION w/ factory 10 round magazine and Weaver T-09 scope base1.60 lbs
10/22 Magnum Action2.35 lbs


Ruger Factory Sporter Walnut stock (inletted for .920 barrel)1.75 lbs
Ruger Factory Synthetic barrel band stock1.34 lbs
Ruger Factory Black Composite Modular stock1.69 lbs
Hogue Overmold Long Rifle Factory Contour2.10 lbs
Hogue Overmold Long Rifle .920 Bull Barrel1.94 lbs
Clark Heritage Long Rifle .920 Bull Barrel2.50 lbs
Clark Heritage Magnum .920 Bull Barrel2.50 lbs
Clark Sporter Long Rifle Factory Contour2.37 lbs
Bell & Carlson Anschutz2.50 lbs


16.25" FLCM Deep Fluted Barreled Action with Metal Trigger Housing & magazine3.25 lbs

New and used Clark Custom 10/22 models occasionally in stock! Call for inventory!

Purchasing & Shipping

If you’re purchasing a complete firearm, it must be shipped to a licensed dealer. An original signature copy of dealer’s FFL must be on file at Clark’s before we can ship. Customer guns may be shipped direct to us by the customer (UPS or FedEx Ground) and returned directly to the customer upon completion.

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