Accuracy Package

— We do not work on 1911’s manufactured in the Philippines or 1911’s smaller than Commander Model
— Prices do not include shipping
— Parts not included except where specified
— 50 yard Ransom rest test target supplied. (10 shots at 50 yards 2.5″ guarantee, 3.0″ for Commander models)
— Ransom rest test not available for .38 Specials
— Available on Steel Frames only

Accuracy Job $400.00
Accuracy Job with Acc-U-Rail slide to frame fit $635.00
— Slide Job (Slide to Frame Fit)
— Barrel Fit
— Match Bushing & Link
— Throat and polish barrel and frame for reliable feeding
— Tune Ejector
— Tune Extractor
— Lower Ejection Port
— Offset Firing Pin Bushing if Needed
— Machine Rest & Function Test

There is a $25.00 fee for returning of old parts.



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