Sights & Scope Bases

— We do not work on 1911’s manufactured in the Philippines or 1911’s smaller than Commander Model
— Prices do not include shipping
— Parts not included except where specified
— Refinishing not included

Sight Sets
Service Price
Low mounted Bo-Mar BMCS style rear, Clark cross dovetail front $245.00
Low mounted Bo-Mar BMCS style rear, cross dovetail front (TRITIUM) $325.00


Front Sights
Service Price
Clark Dovetail (front or cross) $85.00
Clark HardBall $85.00
Dawson Precision Fiber Optic $95.00
White Dot Cross Dovetail $95.00
Tritium Cross Dovetail $125.00
Color Insert Acrylic Paint Installed in Blank Front Sight $45.00
Drill Out Existing Sight for Fiber Optic Insert $80.00
Drill Out Blank Sight for Fiber Optic Insert $45.00
Rebluing $50.00


Rear Sights
Service Price
Low mount Novak® Extreme Tritium $195.00
Low mount Novak® Tritium $160.00
Low mount Novak® Extreme (white dot) $140.00
Low mount Novak® Extreme $135.00
Low mount Novak® (white dot) $100.00
Low mount Novak® $95.00
Low Mount Bo-Mar BMCS Style Adjustable $175.00
High Mount Bo-Mar BMCS Style Adjustable in factory dovetail $125.00
Round corner Bo-Mar style rear sight $25.00


Scope Base Services
Service Price
Drill & Tap for Clark Slide mount $65.00
Drill & Tap for Frame mount $95.00
Install Grip mount $30.00
Cut Slide Mount to fit between Sights $45.00
Reliability Package (usually required when installing Scope Dr. mount) $150.00
GB Slide Racker Furnished & Installed in factory cut $60.00
Scope DR Mount Part $95.00
Slide Mount Part $35.00
Round Sight Corners and Cold Blue $25.00




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