Sights & Scope Bases

  • We will not perform services on Charles Daly, Chiappa, Dan Wesson, Rock Island or other off brand 1911 models not built similar to common 1911 specs
  • We will not perform services on 1911’s smaller than Colt Commander specs
  • Prices do not include shipping
  • Parts NOT included except where specified
    • (Use the link below the service to see the cost of parts)

Front Sights
Service Price
Cut Slide for Cross Dovetail Front Sight

Dawson Precision Sights
Novak Sights

Other Style Front Call for quote
Reblue Slide After Sight Cuts $95.00
Blast Slide After Sight Cuts $50.00


Rear Sights
Service Price
Bo Mar Style Low Mount Cut


Bo Mar Style High Mount Cut


Novak Style All Cuts

Novak Sights

Reblue Slide After Sight Cut $95.00
Blast Slide After Sight Cut $50.00


Scope Base Services
Service Price
Drill & Tap for Clark Slide mount $65.00
Drill & Tap for Frame mount $95.00
Install Grip mount $30.00
Cut Slide Mount to fit between Sights $45.00
Reliability Package (usually required when installing Scope Dr. mount) $200.00
GB Slide Racker Furnished & Installed in factory cut $60.00
Scope DR Mount Part $95.00
Slide Mount Part $35.00
Round Sight Corners and Cold Blue $25.00