Sights & Scope Bases

  • We will not perform services on Charles Daly, Chiappa, Dan Wesson, Rock Island or other off brand 1911 models not built similar to common 1911 specs
  • We will not perform services on 1911’s smaller than Colt Commander specs
  • Prices do not include shipping
  • Parts NOT included except where specified

Front Sights
Service Price
Cross Dovetail Front Sight


+cost of sight

Other Style Front Call for quote
Reblue Slide After Sight Cuts $95.00
Blast Slide After Sight Cuts $50.00


Rear Sights
Service Price
Bo Mar Style Low Mount Cut


+Cost of Sight

Bo Mar Style High Mount Cut


+Cost of Sight

Novak Style All Cuts


+Cost of sight

Reblue Slide After Sight Cut $95.00
Blast Slide After Sight Cut $50.00


Scope Base Services
Service Price
Drill & Tap for Clark Slide mount $65.00
Drill & Tap for Frame mount $95.00
Install Grip mount $30.00
Cut Slide Mount to fit between Sights $45.00
Reliability Package (usually required when installing Scope Dr. mount) $200.00
GB Slide Racker Furnished & Installed in factory cut $60.00
Scope DR Mount Part $95.00
Slide Mount Part $35.00
Round Sight Corners and Cold Blue $25.00