— Prices do not include shipping
— Parts not included except where specified

*It is legal to ship a gun directly to us for the purposes of repair or alteration.  You must include a typed letter containing an inventory of what you sent (e.g. magazines, etc…) to us, all work to be performed on your gun or parts, and contact information–phone and email address. Upon completion, the firearm must be sent directly back to the address from which it came.


Trigger Work

Service Price
Install JP Enterprises Competition Trigger – 3 to 3.5 lbs. Pull (Includes Trigger) $225.00
Install Hyper Fire HIPERTOUCH 24E Trigger (Includes Trigger) $245.00

ONLY Lower is required.


Barrel Threading

Service Price
Thread barrel ½ x 28 for muzzle brake, flash hider or suppressor $125.00
Thread barrel for Miculek Brake (Part Included) $174.95
Thread barrel for DPMS A1, A2 or 3 Prong Flash Hider (Part Included) $139.95



Additional Services

Service Price
Install Clark’s Exclusive Ultra Lite-Weight Carbon Fiber Handguard $45.00
Install Sling Stud on Carbon Fiber Handguard $25.00

The handguard free floats your barrel while also giving you the lightest available (yet durable) handguard on the market. Only your upper is required for this service.