1911 Barrels

    1911 Match Grade Barrels

    Hardened, heat-treated and fully machined from long-wearing, solid billet, chrome-moly steel.  These are the same barrels the Clarks use to build incredibly accurate bullseye and full-house IPSC pistols for top shooters worldwide. Featuring an extended, integral ramp that fully supports the case head to end head separations and bulged cases. Rounds feed directly onto the ramp, no frame-to-barrel gap for bullet noses to hang up on.  Only the 45 ACP can be ordered in unramped style.

    $50 additional charge for threadingCalibersPricing
    Unramped Barrels 5" or 6"45ACP$165
    Ramped Barrels 5" or 6"45ACP, 9mm, 38 Super, 10mm, 9x23, 40 S&W$165

    Clark .460 Rowland Kits

      Priced at $295  Available in Blue or Stainless Steel Finish

      The Clark 460 Rowland Kit was designed to bring the power of the 44 magnum revolver to the 1911. 98% of these kits are straight drop in with no fitting required, but Clark warranty covers fitting of any that do not fit to the recommended models (Non-ramped frames only!).  Instructions and loading data are provided with your kit along with the above listed parts. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR FILIPINO MANUFACTURED GUNS OR  OTHER SOFT FRAME 1911 MANUFACTURERS. Clark favorite but not limited to models are listed below *California & Connecticut residents may request “pin & weld” for additional charges

      • Springfield Armory
      • Colt
      • Taurus
      • Kimber

      *Please specify if Gold Cup Enhanced

      *Non Titanium firing pin required

      How accurate is the Clark 460 kit?

      How to install the Clark 460 kit

      1911 Match Bushing


        Available in .575 and .555 inside diameter. Equipped with oversized ribs for easy fit to slide.

        1911 Bushing Wrench


           Made of plastic and designed to fit standard government model bushings, as well as Clark big bushing.

          Clark Guide Rod Kit


            Made for the government model 1911. Comes with rod, wrench, plug, and guide.

            Clark 45ACP Drop in Comp Kit

              Priced at $255.00 Available in Blue or Stainless Steel. Comes with Clark 45 ACP barrel, bushing, and compensator as pictured.


              *MATCH FITTED kits available in 9mm, 38 Super, and 45ACP at additional cost plus wait time. All 38-9mm Comp kits are .390 hole diameter in blue steel only. All 38-9mm frames must be cut for Clark ramp. Customer must send Slide, Frame, and Slide stop on all kits for fitting.

              1911 Steel Compensator

                $95 Available in 45ACP (.475 dia) or 38Super-9mm (.390 dia)

                4 Finger Sear Spring

                  Clark 4 Finger Sear Spring

                  We've taken the middle leaf that engages the Disconnector / trigger bow and split it out so you can apply independent pressure to these parts allowing for lighter, more reliable trigger job.

                  Part #DescriptionPrice
                  CLK-195Clark 4 Finger Sear Spring$ 6

                  Clark Frame Mount

                    Priced at $95.00 Designed for frame mounted Bullseye, IPSC, or other disciplines

                    • Available in black anodized or silver blasted finish
                    • Comes with size 4-40 screws and allen wrench

                    Clark Slide Mount

                      Priced at $35.00

                      • Available in a black anodized finish
                      • Comes with mount, 6-40 screws cut to length
                      • Allen wrench
                      • Available with or without a cutout for Bo-Mar accuracy tuner

                      Complete 1911 DvD


                        Officers Model Drop In Plug

                          Colt 1911 Officer ACP

                          • 208om3

                          • 208om2

                          • 208om4

                          • 208omB

                          Fits: 1911 Officer Model size 3.5" pistols including but not necessarily limited to Colt 1911 Officer Model, Colt 1991A1 Compact, Para Ordnance P-12 & C7.45 LDA. Machined from 4150 steel or 416 stainless steel. Replace your factory plug before it breaks with a tougher drop in part. Reverse Style Recoil spring plug with overall length of .850"

                          Part #DescriptionPrice
                          CLK-208-OMH257Blue Plug with .257" hole$ 20
                          CLK-208SS-OMH257Stainless Plug with .257" hole $ 20
                          CLK-208-OMH333Blue Plug with .333" hole $ 20
                          CLK-208SS-OMH333Stainless Plug with .333" hole $ 20