Ruger 10/22

Clark 10/22 Match Barrels

    GUARANTEED TO SHOOT 1 M.O.A. on all Clark 10/22’s, machined from Lothar-Walther premium blanks and chambered with our exclusive reamers, this barrel is ready-to-install with no fitting required. Increases semi-automatic feeding and function, as well as, accuracy and reliability. Fluted barrels increase barrel cooling for greater consistency and a lighter weight feel without sacrificing accuracy. Choose either .920″ Straight bull barrel or .720″ Midweight contour. Standard Length 21.5″ (will cut down to 16.25″ at no additional charge), Optional Deeper Fluting and threading are available.


    Does barrel length effect accuracy?

    Listen to Tom Gresham and Jim Clark talk everything you need to know about the 10/22!

    .22 Long Rifle

    Part #Barrel TypePrice
    CLK-700-RDCM.920 Round Blue$ 225
    CLK-700-FLCM.920 Fluted Blue (deep fluted option +50)$ 275
    CLK-700-RDSS.920 Round Stainless$ 250
    CLK-700-FLSS.920 Fluted Stainless (deep fluted option +50)$ 300
    CLK-700-MWCM.720 Midweight Blue$ 250
    CLK-700-MWSS.720 Midweight Stainless$ 275

    Jess Clark with a valuable tip on how to keep your .22 running efficiently!

    Clark Ruger 10/22 Trigger Assemblies


      • Aluminum housing rather than plastic
      • All Clark trigger kit parts
      • Crisp 2.25-2.75 pull weight
      • Used by multiple shooters to capture numerous national level titles

      Deluxe Drop In Trigger Kit

        Actual Customer Reviews . . .

        5 STARS – “This is a upgrade that is definitely worth the money, cleaner pull with half the effort. No diagram is included so study the location of all the trigger parts to ease installation. ” – J Miles Las Cruces, NM

        5 stars – “WOW! Much better than expected. Makes the 10/22 so much more fun to shoot. Very simple to install, and I had never taken the gun apart before. Thumbs up. ” – J Ford Salem, OR

        Easy to drop in custom Clark drop-n parts greatly reduce trigger pull and creep. Trigger has built in overtravel adjustment screw. Kit includes: hammer, sear, sear spring, trigger and disconnector as seen in above photo

        Part #DescriptionPrice
        CLK-743D LR black22 Long Rifle - 2.75 - 3 lb black trigger$ 75
        CLK-743D M black22 Magnum / 17 HMR - 3.5 - 4 lb$ 75

        10/22 Triggers

          CNC Machined Aircraft Grade Aluminum

          • # CLK-7420S - $ 12.50

          • # CLK-742S - $ 20.00 with overtravel screw

          • # CLK-7420 - $ 12.50

          • # CLK-742 - $ 20.00 with overtravel screw

          10/22 Barreled Actions

            Clark Custom Guns - Ruger 10/22 Barreled Action - 22 Long Rifle

            1 MOA accuracy guarantee ~ 5 shots of match ammunition measured center to center of outside shots when properly installed in approved stock. Built on Genuine Ruger 10/22 Action. Supplied with Original Ruger OEM Metal Trigger guard and CLARK custom Guns CNC Precision Machined aluminum trigger

            Part #DescriptionPrice
            RDCM-BA-1022.920" Round Blue $ 650
            FLCM-BA-1022.920" Fluted Blue$ 710
            RDSS-BA-1022.920" Round Stainless $ 685
            FLSS-BA-1022 .920" Fluted Stainless$ 745
            MWCM-BA-1022.720" Midweight Blue $ 680
            MWSS-BA-1022 .720" Midweight Stainless$ 715

            Ruger 10/22 take off barrels

              $45 Blue $55 SS

              Ruger BX-25 magazine


                Speed Bolt Release

                  Modified bolt release allows bolt to be released from the locked position by simply pulling the bolt to the rear and releasing. (Standard Feature on all Clark 10/22 Rifle conversions).

                  Part #DescriptionPrice
                  CLK-748Clark 10/22 Speed Bolt Release$ 10

                  Extended Mag Release

                    Extra Long For Easy Reloads. Aluminum magazine release is drilled, tapped, and fitted with a steel extension that’s nearly an inch long. Rounded end naturally fills the contour of your finger for easy location; lets you find it fast, so you can drop and reload quickly and conveniently.

                    Part #DescriptionPrice
                    #CLK-740Clark 10/22 Extended Magazine Release $ 15

                    Complete Ruger 10/22


                      Tuned Extractor

                        Tuned extractor insures positive extraction from match chambers. Recommended with all match grade barrels. 22 Long Rifle or 22 Magnum

                        Part #DescriptionPrice
                        CLK-744Clark 10/22 Tuned Extractor$ 10