Ruger Mk I, Mk II, Mk III

22/45 Match Grade Barrels

    Clark Ruger .22 Semi-Auto Match Pistol Barrels

    500 Series barrels fit the Ruger MK I, MK II, and 22/45 models. Barrels are completely turned (.875" OD), threaded, chambered, crowned, polished, and finished. They are made from Walther premium blanks, and are available in chrome-moly (blue) or stainless steel. They are offered with or without a replaceable, serrated-ramp, undercut, patridge, front sight. Barrel lengths offered are 5-1/2" and 6-1/4". The 6-1/4" models are pictured with an optional compensator / muzzle brake. Installation requires lathe work.

    Part #DescriptionPrice
    CLK-500-5.55.5" Blue Bull Barrel$ 150.00
    CLK-500-SS-5.55.5" Stainless Bull Barrel$ 180.00
    CLK-500-6.256.25" Blue Barrel$ 190.00
    CLK-500-SS-6.256.25" Stainless Barrel$ 220.00

    Pin & Bushing Kit

      Oversized pin and bushing maintain close tolerances between the sear and the hammer to allow for lighter, more consistent trigger job. Works on the Mk I, Mk II, & Mk III.

      Clark/Ruger MKI / MKII Sear Pin and Hammer Bushing Kit

      Oversized sear pin and hammer bushing provide closer tolerances and allow for lighter, more consistent trigger job. These parts are included with all Mk I and Mk II trigger jobs.

      Part. NoTypePrice
      CLK-515BMK II Blue$ 20.00
      CLK-515SSMK II Stainless Steel$ 20.00
      CLK-51722/45 blue only$20.00

      Weaver Style Scope Base

        CLK-520                    $20

        Lightweight black anodized aluminum Weaver style base, has same the same hole pattern as the factory Ruger base.