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AR-15 Carbon Fiber Handguard


  • Lighter Aluminum nut
  • Use of a clamp system rather than glue, or heavy steel barrel nut
  • Easy to remove handguard for barrel changes
  • Custom length options available

2.025″ Outside Diameter. 1.88″ Inside Diameter
Standard length weighs only 6 ounces including the barrel nut!
Backing plate and Sling Stud add 1 ounce.
Add $25 for clamp on system (clamp & knurled barrel nut)



The Clark carbon fiber handguard is now easier to install than ever! This new design also allows the handguard to be easily taken off the barrel nut and receiver easier than ever! With knurled barrel nut and adjustable screw on clamp, there is no more need for glue to secure your handguard. Now it is possible to have the lightest handguard on the market with easy disassembly/reassembly for barrel replacement all together! Call for orders other than standard length 318-949-9884.

Part # Weight / Length Standard unit (Glue On) Price with clamp on system
CLK-750SBR4 3 ounces / 4″ long $ 150 $200
CLK-750SBR6 4 ounces / 6.25″ long $ 150 $200
CLK-750 (Standard) 6 ounces / 12 5/8″ long $ 150 $200
CLK-750C (Carbine) 5 ounces / 9″ long $150 $200
CLK-750L (Extra Long) 7 ounces / 16″ long $ 165 $215

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 in

CLK-750SBR4 Glue On, CLK-750SBR4 Clamp On, CLK-750SBR6 Glue On, CLK-750SBR6 Clamp On, CLK-750 (Standard) Glue On, CLK-750 (Standard) Clamp On, CLK-750C (Carbine) Glue On, CLK-750C (Carbine) Clamp On, CLK-750L (Extra Long) Glue On, CLK-750L (Extra Long) Clamp On