CLARK CUSTOM – 1911 Drop-In Compensator Kit


Drops Right In & It’s Ready To Work

No fitting or gunsmithing required to get the increased muzzle control and accuracy of Clark’s dual-port compensators and match-grade barrel. Comp helps control recoil and muzzle flip for improved accuracy and a faster follow-up shot. Match-grade, button-rifled barrel and pre-fit bushing provide a close fit on most slides for increased accuracy, function and reliability.  All barrels are made of chrome moly steel.  When purchasing Stainless steel, only the compensator is Stainless Steel.  The barrels are blued and machined on site and may require up to two weeks for delivery.

California & Connecticut residents must have their compensator “pinned & welded” to meet state regulations. Please make the “Pin & Weld” selection under “CA, CT Residents” when ordering your kit.

Match, unassembled kits are available in .9 mm and .38 Super at an additional cost plus wait time.  Kits in these calibers are not drop-in and must be fitted.  Call to order.

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Kit Includes:

  • 5″ (14 cm) .45 ACP barrel
  • Specified compensator
  • Barrel bushing – .278″
  • c-to-c link
  • Link pin


Made in the USA
Make: 1911
Model: Government
Barrel Length: 5.5″ (14 cm)
Barrel Thread: .580″- 40 tpi,
Barrel Weight: .42 lbs
Cartridge: .45 Auto (ACP)
Finish: Blued or Stainless
Style: Drop-In

All 38-9mm Comp kits are .390 hole diameter in blue steel only.

All 38-9mm frames must be cut for Clark ramp.

Customer must send Slide, Frame, and Slide stop on all kits for fitting.

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