Can I ship my firearm directly to you?

Yes, it is legal for any gun owner to ship his gun by common carrier to a valid FFL (Federal Firearms License) holder! Since Clark Custom Guns, Inc. is a valid FFL holder, you can legally ship your firearm directly to us for the purpose of repair or alteration. All complete firearms must be taken to a UPS or FedEx hub. You are required by law to declare that you’re shipping a handgun. UPS and FedEx regulations require that all complete handguns be shipped Next Day Air.

When we have complete your request we can legally ship the firearm back to the same address from where we received it. If you would like the gun shipped to a different location, we must receive the request in writing via written letter or email. We cannot change the shipping location over the telephone.

NOTE: Do not include ammunition with your firearm. If you need to ship ammo, it must be sent separately.

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