1911 Custom Race Gun

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There is a $25.00 fee on conversions to return old barrels.


*All new complete guns must be shipped to a licensed dealer.  An original signature copy of dealer’s FFL must be on file at our shop before we can ship.


“Whether you need a compensated, optical-sighted racegun for Unlimited class USPSA/IPSC competition or a more conservative machine for use in Limited Class competition, the Princeton, Louisiana, shop can serve your needs.”

Layne Simpson, Handgunning Magazine March/April 1997


Please follow and like us:

— Shortest barrel we’ll work on = 4.25″ (commander size)
— Smallest gun we’ll build = 4.25″ (commander size)
— Accuracy guarantee 5″ & 6″ guns is 2.5″ grouping on 10 shots at 50 yards
— Accuracy guarantee 4.25″ guns is 3″ grouping on 10 shots at 50 yards

  • Accuracy Package
  • Reliability Package
  • Trigger Job
  • Sight options – Prices include installation of customer specified scope, scope mount or sights. Scopes, Mounts and Sights are additional
  • Clark Match Grade barrel and 7 Port Cone style compensator
  • Beavertail Grip Safety
  • Combat hammer
  • Extended thumb safety
  • Stippled front strap (Metal frames only)
Feature Price
Lo Bo-Mar rear sight / Clark Front sight $150.00
Clark Scope Dr Mount $95.00
Ambidextrous Thumb Safety $45.00
Slide Racker (with pre-existing dovetail cut in slide) $50.00
lide Racker including machining slide cut $95.00
Front Slide cocking serrations $70.00
Hard Chrome Finish $255.00


Single Stacks Specific Options

Feature Price
Machine Checkering at 20 LPI $50.00
S&A Mag Well (includes contouring to frame) $125.00


STI/SV Pistols Specific Options

Feature Price
Clark Mag Well Aluminum $70.00
Clark Mag Well Stainless Steel $90.00
STI Aluminum Mag Well $45.00
STI Stainless Mag Well &79.00
Factory colored grip – blue, red, purple or gray $35.00


Complete gun built from STI frame kit.

Note: Scope and mount not included.

Model No. Frame Description Conversion Price Complete Gun Price
UNL-1911-xx 1911 single stack $1,895.00 $3,295.00
UNL-STI/SVI-xx STI or SV Wide Body $2,995.00* $3,695.00

xx – Specify Caliber (9mm, 38 Super, 38 Super Comp, 40 S&W, 45 ACP)

*Conversion on customer supplied frame kit. We supply additional necessary parts.

Available while they last. Call for inventory information.
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