Please try to be sure of your desires when sending your initial order. A computer generated work order is produced for your firearm soon after is arrives. This work order outlines the details of the work to be performed and all necessary parts to be supplied. A printed copy of the work order, along with all necessary parts, are put with the firearm at this time. When changes are requested, the work order must be modified in the computer. We must then print a copy of the modified work order and make sure the original work order is replaced. If the changes involve parts, we must remove and restock the parts originally requested and replace with other parts. This process is time consuming and invites errors. However, we will allow one change (parts or services) free if work has not progressed too far. Additional changes will cost $25.00 each. Changes may be requested by phone, BUT WE WILL TAKE RESPONSIBILITY ONLY FOR CHANGES THAT ARE REQUESTED IN WRITING.

Yes, you can cancel your order at any time. Any personalized orders will forfeit their deposit. A $100.00 processing fee will be assessed for any canceled orders.

You can give us a call at 318-949-9884 and work through all the details of your customized gun, followed by a written order describing model, caliber, and full particulars as to options, accessories, or special features to Clark Custom Guns, Inc. via US Postal Service or via email at orders@ClarkCustomGuns.com.

Any personalized request (example: a custom serial number gun) or guns over $3,000.00 in estimated value will require 50% down payment to start work and the remaining 50% is due upon completion.  Any gun under $3,000.00 in estimated value will require a $500.00 down payment and the remaining balance is to be collected upon completion of work
A $100.00 processing fee will be assessed for any canceled orders.

When the gun is complete, we will send an invoice for the balance due. An original, signed copy of your dealer’s license (Federal Firearm License) must be on file with us before we can ship. The gun will be shipped to the dealer when payment in full payment is received.

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A $500.00 (or 50% of total on custom serial number guns or guns over $3,000.00) deposit is required on complete gun orders. We do not require a deposit if you send in your firearm for conversion. When the work or firearm is complete, you will receive an invoice. Shipment will be made immediately if payment is made by certified check or money order. If personal or company check is sent, we will ship two weeks from the date we receive payment. Discover, VISA, and MasterCard are accepted.

Complete Gun Invoices
Complete guns must be paid for within 90 days of the invoice date. Failure to provide payment will result in the FULL loss of the deposit, as well as the firearm (as well as anything else provided within the work order) to be placed into the showroom inventory of Clark Custom Guns.

Customer Conversion Invoices.
If you prefer to prepay, we reserve the right to adjust for over or under payment at time of invoicing. We do not require a deposit or prepayment for work if you send your firearm for modification. An invoice will be sent when the work is complete. If for any reason you are unable to pay your invoice at the time of completion, call us and we will try to come to a reasonable solution. Otherwise, the following policy applies: Statements, indicating an invoice is over thirty days old, are mailed monthly. Late fees will be added to any invoice over 30 days old. If a second statement is necessary, it will be sent UPS Certified Mail along with a notice that your gun will be sold if payment in full is not receive within 30 days. After 30 days (approximately 90 days from the date of the original invoice), your firearm will be sold and you will receive no compensation from its sale.

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All products and services from Clark Custom Guns Inc. will be subject to state and local tax collection unless collected by customers locality.


Yes, it is legal for any gun owner to ship his gun by common carrier to a valid FFL (Federal Firearms License) holder! Since Clark Custom Guns, Inc. is a valid FFL holder, you can legally ship your firearm directly to us for the purpose of repair or alteration. All complete firearms must be taken to a UPS or FedEx hub. You are required by law to declare that you’re shipping a handgun. UPS and FedEx regulations require that all complete handguns be shipped Next Day Air.

When we have complete your request we can legally ship the firearm back to the same address from where we received it. If you would like the gun shipped to a different location, we must receive the request in writing via written letter or email. We cannot change the shipping location over the telephone.

NOTE: Do not include ammunition with your firearm. If you need to ship ammo, it must be sent separately.

The gun must have a valid serial number! No 80% frames!
The gun should be packed securely so there will be no damage to sights, etc. The original manufacturers’ box provides good protection, but any good box with the item cushioned within to prevent movement will do the job. (Long gun cardboard boxes will not be returned to you.)
Insure for replacement value.
Return address requirements: Physical Address ONLY, NO “shipping centers” or PO Boxes! Your gun will be returned to the address it is checked in from.
Include a letter inside the box with complete instructions covering the work to be done. Ensure to include your name, address, email address, daytime phone number, type of gun, serial number. Specify caliber, model, accessories, and special features.

Upon receipt of your gun, we will email an ORDER CONFIRMATION. You must have included an email address on your letter of work to be performed. It is your responsibility to look this over and contact us if you find any discrepancies.

Yes, we do charge for return shipping. Long guns will be sent by FedEx Ground with Adult Signature Required. Shipping and handling charges are minimum $35.00 for a long gun (rifle or shotgun) and $45.00 on handguns. For other orders, shipping and handling charges are determined by the weight and value of the package. (All stated shipping prices are for addresses within the continental United States. Please contact us for shipping charges if you live outside of the continental U.S.)

Complete guns and Barreled Actions must be shipped to a federally licensed gun dealer in your state. The Retail customer is responsible for selecting a dealer and getting a copy of their FFL (federal firearms license) sent to us. We must have a copy of the dealer’s F.F.L. in our files before we can ship the gun. The F.F.L. can be sent by email (info@clarkcustomguns.com), or Fax (318-949-9829) The gun will be shipped to the dealer once payment in full is received.

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The .460 Rowland kit has two issues that prevent a 1911 from functioning CORRECTLY with .45 ACP when it is set up for 460.

  1. The 460 develops much more pressure than a 45 cartridge and because of this you need a larger recoil spring to absorb the extra pressure.  If you have a spring that is light enough to cycle 45 then it is not heavy enough to be the CORRECT spring for your 460 and you run the risk of damaging your frame/barrel if you do shoot 460 in your 45 setup.  Vice versa, if you have your gun set up PROPERLY for 460 then the spring pressure should be too much to cycle 45 ammunition reliably.
  2. The 460 barrel chamber is 1/16″ longer than a 45 chamber. This means that if you shoot a 45 cartridge in your 460 barrel the bullet will have to jump 1/16″ before hitting the rifling and this causes accuracy issues for the gun.  Can you spring your 460 kit for 45 ammo and make it function 45 ammunition? Yes you can, but it will not be very accurate due to the bullet jump.

Our recommendation is to shoot 460 ammo in our 460 kit and when you want to go back to 45 then swap back to the original parts. Other companies may not give you this information because they want to try and sell you on the idea of being able to interchange the two, but that is only a half truth and we would rather our customers be fully informed.

Your current recoil spring weight can be determined by measuring the diameter of the spring wire with calipers. 

Spring Weight (in pounds) Conventional Coil Variable Coil
5 n/a .034
6 n/a .035
7 .038 .036
8 .038 .038
9 .040 .040
10 .041 .040
11 .042 .041
12 .042 .042
13 .043 .042
14 .043 .043
15 .045 .044
16 .045 n/a
16.5 n/a .045
17 .046 n/a
17.5 n/a .046
18.5 .047 .047
20 .047 .047
22 .048 .048
24 .050 n/a
26 .052 n/a

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