Shipping Instructions

Shipping a firearm to a Federal Firearms License holder, such as Clark Custom Guns, for purposes of repair or conversion is completely legal.  The following steps may help you:

1. Identify Your Needs

Identify what you need done to your firearm.  Ensure we are able to accomplish the work you desire. Document your requirements in a letter or the Work Order Form supplied on our site under the Shipping menu option at the top and then Form.  Please ensure hand written letters are legible.  Include the following in the letter:

  • First and Last Name
  • Physical Address (no P.O. Boxes)
  • Daytime Phone Number
  • Email address
  • Type of Gun
  • Serial Number
  • Model
  • Caliber
  • Inventory of Extraneous Parts or Accessories
  • List of Required Work

Include a copy of the letter in the same box as your firearm and retain a copy for your records.  If you are using the supplied form, then print two copies of the form.

Custom Builds
Any personalized request or an estimated value of the work to be perform is $3000.00 or more, then we require half down as a deposit to begin work.  Orders below $3000.00 require a $500.00 deposit.  Cancellation of orders forfeit all deposits.

2. Pack Your Firearm

Use a sturdy cardboard box.  FedEx or UPS Express boxes are great for this purpose.  Pack your weapon using bubble wrap, air pillows, foam or packing paper.  Avoid using any kind of Styrofoam.   Styrofoam pellets are statically charged and adhere themselves to the gun.  Guns packed in Styrofoam could result in additional cleaning charges.  Avoid taping your packing material or using anything that would require a sharp box cutter near your weapon which we are unable to see until it is unwrapped.  Avoid oversized gun cases which would not fit in a standard FedEx Express shipping box (for handguns) or 48″x11″x3″ rifle box.  Oversized cases will result in additional shipping charges.  Include your letter in the box you are shipping.

Disassemble firearms, sent as parts, will result in additional inventory fees starting at $100.00, depending on the quantity of parts.

Do NOT include ammunition with your firearm.  It must be shipped separately!

Do NOT include any payments unless required by Clark Custom Guns as a deposit!

3. Ship Your Firearm

Firearms can be shipped directly to Clark Custom Guns for the purpose of repair or alteration and returned to the same address it came from with an adult signature.  We cannot return shipment to any other location without the express written consent of the firearm owner.  All firearms must be packaged and have an appropriate label attached to the box before FedEx or UPS will accept it for shipment.

If you are shipping an entire handgun, it must be shipped via FedEx or UPS Next Day Air to have any insurance claims honored.  Regulations require you to declare your shipment as a firearm.

Rifles may be shipped FedEx or UPS Ground.

If all you are shipping is a Frame, receiver or parts, you can ship via any carrier including U.S. Postal Service.

Ship the firearm to the following address:

CCG, Inc.
336 Shootout Ln.
Princeton, LA  71067

Your firearm will be returned to the address from where it was received.  Do NOT use the address of the shipping hub!  Insure the weapon for replacement value.

4. Delivery of Your Firearm

Upon receiving your firearm, Clark Custom Guns will check in your weapon, create a Work Order and email a copy of the Work Order back to you.  The work order will include the work to be performed, an estimate of the cost and an estimated time of completion.  They are estimates ONLY and can vary depending on work to be performed.  You will need to ensure the work to be performed on your weapon is correct.  Work will not begin until your work order is correct.  NO MONEY is due until all work is completed.

5. Updates to Your Work Order

You are welcome to call us to make changes to your work order, but changes will not be considered official until they are received in writing (email is sufficient).  When changes are requested, the work order must be modified in the computer.  We must then print a copy of the modified work order and make sure the original work order is replaced.  If the changes involve parts, we must remove and restock the parts originally requested and replace with other parts.  This process is time consuming and invites errors.  However, we will allow one change (parts or services) free if work has not progressed too far. Additional changes will cost $25.00 each in additional to the work.

Changes to return address must be done in writing via Letter or Email.

6. Cancellation of Orders

You may cancel your order at any time.  Cancellations must be done in writing, via Letter or Email. Cancellations will result in forfeiture of all deposits.

7. Completion of Work Order

Upon completion of the work order, Clark Custom Guns staff will notify you that your firearm is ready and of the final total including return shipping.  We will at that time collect your form of payment.  The weapon will be shipped back to the address from where we received it.  Changes to the original address will require written notification (email is sufficient).  Handguns will be shipped via FedEx Express 2 Day shipping.  Rifles will be shipped FedEx Ground.  All complete guns shipped via FedEx require adult signature.

Custom Builds
If you have ordered a new Custom Build, the firearm must be sent to a Federal Firearms License (FFL) holder.  We must have a copy of that holders FFL before the gun can be shipped.