Revolver – Custom SSR

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Smooth, Accurate & Reliable for Defense, Hunting, IDPA .22 LR, 9mm, 10mm, 38/357 Magnum, .44 Magnum, .45ACP, .45 Long Colt.  One of our most versatile custom Revolver Creations. This new custom offering, the SSR (Standard Service Revolver), is as at home in the field as is it in your bed stand or in competition.

S&W® 686 (.357 Magnum) pictured with optional Weigand Interchangeable sight system + S&W® Patridge DX front sight & Ionbond finish (DiamondBlack & Flat Dark Earth)

Appropriate Platforms S&W® K, L or N frame adjustable sight revolvers.  Ruger® GP100®, Ruger® Security Six.

There is a $25.00 fee on conversions to return old barrels.


*All new complete guns must be shipped to a licensed dealer.  An original signature copy of dealer’s FFL must be on file at our shop before we can ship.


  • Built on a S&W® 686 (or any model with adjustable rear sights)
  • 4-6″ Douglas CM (blue steel) Slab Side Bull barrel
  • Target Action Job that includes smoothing the action, lightening the double and single action pull, radius and polishing of the trigger, install & adjust an overtravel screw.
  • Crane lock is installed to insure consistent, tight lockup.
  • Cylinders are chamfered for quick and easy reloads.
  • Match cut forcing cone
  • Full length Clark Underlug
  • Clark Dovetail Patridge front sight
 Feature Price
Bowen Rough Country Rear Sight on newer pre-drilled & tapped models – specify black or white outline sight blade $135.00
Bowen Rough Country Rear Sight on older models – specify black or white outline sight blade $160.00
Miculek Speed Grips $75.00
Moonclip Conversion $100.00
Stainless Barrel (if Available) $50.00
Weigand Interghangeable front sight system $70.00
EGW Picatinny Scope Base $35.00
Allchin Mini STS Mount – fits C-More STS, Buris Fast Fire, JPoint, JP Optima 2000, Leopold Delta Point (currently S&W® only) $45.00
Drill & Tap Ruger® and older S&W® models for scope base $65.00
Matte Hard Chrome $295.00
Hard Chrome – Brush Flats / Matte Rounds $325.00
Extra Barrel Length Beyond Standard 6″:  Up to Additional 4″ $150.00
Extra Barrel Length Beyond First 10″:  Each Additional 6″ $150.00



Make Conversion Complete Gun
Ruger $845.00 $1,744.00
S&W $745.00 $1,595.00


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