Revolver – Custom Gamemaster

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There is a $25.00 fee on conversions to return old barrels.


*All new complete guns must be shipped to a licensed dealer.  An original signature copy of dealer’s FFL must be on file at our shop before we can ship.



  • Complete guns are built on S&W® Model 29 (44 magnum)
  • Installation of a match grade fluted, ported Bull barrel. Blue barrels are made from DOUGLAS blanks
  • Standard barrel length is 8″. (other barrel lengths available upon request.)
  • Target Action Job that includes smoothing the action, lightening the double and single action pull, radius and polishing of the trigger, install & adjust an overtravel screw.
  • Crane lock is installed to insure consistent, tight lockup.
  • Cylinders are chamfered for quick and easy reloads.
  • Match cut forcing cone
  • Full Length Underlug
  • Iron sights and/or scope base


Feature Price
Hard Chrome – Matte Finish $295.00
Hard Chrome – Brushed Finish $325.00
Machine for Moon Clip $170.00
Chamber for Clark .460 $50.00
Extra Barrel Length Beyond Standard 6″:  Up to Additional 4″ $150.00
Extra Barrel Length Beyond First 10″:  Each Additional 6″ $150.00



Item Conversion New Build
SWGM-44 blue barrel $1,095.00 $1,995.00
SWGM-45 blue barrel $1,195.00 $2,095.00

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