S&W® Model 41

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NOTE: The slot at the back of the bullseye optic barrel is not as deep as the others. Most factory rings will not seat fully in the back slot. Brands of rings that will fully seat include Millett Angle-Loc Weaver Style and Weaver brand rings.

*All new complete guns must be shipped to a licensed dealer.  An original signature copy of dealer’s FFL must be on file at our shop before we can ship.


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Standard Features
  • Trigger Job with crisp 2 to 2.5 pound pull
  • Installation of Clark match bull barrel
  • Function and accuracy test (X-Ring (1 5/8″ @ 50 yards)
  • Sights: Scope base is an integral part of the STC and Bullseye optic models
Reliability Package
  • Throat & polish barrel ramp for reliable feeding
  • Tune extractor for positive ejection
  • Debur and polish internal parts and tune/test with 1 magazine
Barrel Match Installation & Configurations
  • Installation of a Clark match barrel is standard on our Smith & Wesson® 41 conversions. Barrel configurations are:
  • STC Model (#CLK-570-STC) – Absence of top strap greatly reduces the possibility of trapped cases. Picatinny style Scope Base is an integral part of the barrel. Choose 5.5″ or 6.5″
  • Bullseye / Optic Model (#CLK-570-BO) – Top strap extends over ejection port just like factory barrel. Picatinny style Scope Base is an integral part of the barrel. Choose 5.5″ or 6.5″
Optional Services
Feature Price
Tune / testing on additional magazines $25.00
Hard Chrome (frame & slide) $225.00
Hard Chrome Entire Gun (additional fee for magazines) $295.00
Thread barrel 1/2 x 28 – includes thread protector (STC models only) $150.00
Drill & tap for C-More Slide Ride (STC models only) $75.00
Replacement Breech face $75.00
Reliability Work & Testing with your original factory barrel $75.00



Catalog No. Barrel Option Conversion Price Complete Gun Price
SW41-STC CLK-570-STC Sportsmans Team Challenge $ 660.00
SW41-BOP CLK-570-BO Bullseye Optic $ 760.00
SW41-RIB CLK-570-RIB 5.5″ Bullseye Optic barrel + Aristocrat Rib $ 995.00

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