1911 Custom Combat – Hardball

 “Whether you need a compensated, optical-sighted racegun for Unlimited class USPSA/IPSC competition or a more conservative machine for use in Limited Class competition, the Princeton, Louisiana, shop can serve your needs.”
Layne Simpson, Handgunning Magazine

Compatable for IDPA, IPSC Single Stack, NRA Action Pistol Metallic, Concealed Carry, or just for having high performance fun on the range.

  • Available in: 45ACP, 38 Super, 9mm, 9×23, 0r 40 S&W.

Available while they last. Call for inventory information.
M-F 8:00am-4:00pm CST

  • Accuracy Job
  • Trigger Job
  • Reliability Package
  • Low mounted Bo-Mar BMCS style (by Kensight) rear sight with Clark Cross Dovetail front sight
  • Clark Custom Guns Combat hammer
  • Ed Brown or STI Beavertail Grip Safety
  • Extended Mag Release Button
  • Extended thumb safety
  • Checker front strap 20 LPI (available on steel frame only)
  • Function & Accuracy test


  • Damascus slide $500
  • Clark 2 piece guide rod $20
  • Ambi thumb saftey $45
  • S&A magwell contoured to frame $145
  • Other grip $TBD
  • 25 LPI checkering $25
  • Hard chrome gun $275
  • Black diamond finish $325
  • Front slide serrations $70
  • Flat top and serrate top of slide $125
Clark Custom Combat Models
Shortest barrel we'll work on = 4.25" (commander size)
Smallest gun we'll build = 4.25" (commander size)
Accuracy guarantee on 5"/6" guns = 2.5" 10 shots @ 50 yards
Accuracy guarantee on 4.25" guns = 3" 10 shots @ 50 yards

*Specify Caliber. 9mm, 9 x 23, 38 Super, 38 Super Comp, 40S&W, .45 ACP
Includes Clark Match Barrel
** Conversion on customer supplied frame kit.

Part No.DescriptionBarrelConversionComplete GunNotes
CC-Caspian*Custom Combat (specify caliber)4.25", 5", or 6"N/A$ 2225Clark Match Grade Barrel included
CC-SpringfieldCustom Combat (Mil-Spec OR GI 45)5"$ 1295N/AAdd $ 165 for Clark Match barrel if required
CC-NorincoCustom Combat (Norinco 1911)5"$ 1295N/A--
CC-ColtCustom Combat (Series 70 or 1991-A1)4.25" or 5"$ 1295N/A--
CC-STI-xx*Custom Combat-STI (any caliber)4.25", 5" or 6"N/A$ 2,950Clark Match Grade Barrel included Wide Body
STI Wide Body Magazine Information
The 126 mm"carry" magazine fits flush with the bottom of the grip. It is legal for IDPA and also fits in the IPSC standard box.
The 140 mm magazine extends below the bottom of the grip approximately 0.75 inches. It is the magazine of choice for USPSA Open and Limited divisions.
The 170 mm "stick" magazine extends below the bottom of the grip approximately 1.5 inches. You need at least one on your belt for USPSA Open Division.
Magazine9mm/38 Super40 S&W45 ACP
126 mm17 rounds14 rounds12 rounds
140 mm20 rounds17 rounds14 rounds
170 mm26 rounds22 roundsN/A