Trigger Work

trigger job withOUT Overtravel Screw $75.00
10/22® Trigger Job
Trigger Job $95.00
— Crisp 2.5- 2.75 lb. pull
— Overtravel screw installed in trigger
— Speed bolt release
— Hone hammer & sear engagement surfaces
— Trigger functions reliably with standard or high velocity 22 Long Rifle ammo


Additional Trigger Work
Service Price
Upgrade from Plastic to OEM Metal Trigger Guard (Black or Silver) $25.00
Clark CNC Machined Metal Trigger (Black or Silver) $12.50

The speed bolt release allows one hand bolt release. Instead of having to pull back on the bolt and operate the release, you only need to pull back on the bolt handle and the release automatically drops out of the way. A must for Sportsman’s Team Challenge. If a trigger job is all you require, you may ship only your trigger assembly. It’s easily removed by pushing out the two large cross pins in the receiver.


77/22® Trigger Job

17M2, 17HMr, 22 LR, 22 Magnum, 22 Hornet

trigger job $75.00
— Crisp 1.5 – 2 lbs pull
Trigger Job with Overtravel Screw $95.00
— Crisp 1.5 – 2 lbs pull

If our trigger job is the only service required, you may send in your Receiver Assembly only.  Since this is a serial numbered item, you must ship it as if it is a firearm.  Return Shipping $35.00 by FedEx Ground to Continental US or $55.00 2nd Day Air to Alaska or Hawaii.



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