CLARK CUSTOM – 1911 Match-Grade Barrel


Hardened, heat-treated and fully machined from long-wearing, solid billet, chrome-moly steel (Blued only). (Jimmy’s favorite for continued, long-wearing accuracy from full power and mid-range ammo). These are the same barrels the Clarks use to build super accurate bullseye and full-house IPSC pistols for top shooters everywhere. They feature an extended, integral ramp that fully supports the case head to end head separations and bulged cases. Rounds feed directly onto the ramp, no frame-to-barrel gap for bullet noses to hang up on.  Only the .45 ACP can also be ordered in unramped style.  Call for threaded option.  When stocks are low, the barrels are machined on site upon ordering and may require up to two weeks for delivery.

Coming soon is our new 1:10 twist to compliment our standard 1:16 twist for .9mm, .9×23 and .38 Super, calibers!

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The following table illustrates the various configurations you can get in your CLARK CUSTOM 1911 Match-Grade Barrel:

5″ 6″ Ramped Unramped
.38 Spl.
.38 Sup.
.40 S&W
.45 ACP


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